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Avoid Feeling Uncertain After Surgery

By Helen Brandreth, Jun 26 2013 09:35AM

This week’s blog is written by a guest. Chris, a 54-year-old man saw me for rehabilitation treatment following after knee surgery. He writes:

“My family and I read your ‘physio for rehabilitation’ blog with great interest. It brought back memories of how important (and often funny) your help was to my post-surgery recovery. I thought others might find it helpful to hear my story.

I needed keyhole surgery on both knees, which had become extremely stiff and painful even though I’m relatively young. Regular flying and sitting around desks and conference tables didn’t help the situation.

Working for an international company, responsible for overseeing projects around Europe, I was especially concerned that I’d be unable to fly for 2 weeks (due to the danger of blood clots). More worrying still was that due to a possible lack of mobility and return of movement, I may have to be away from the office for up to 4 weeks minimum. I needn’t have worried, as Helen sorted me out!

Fortunately, the surgery was successful and without complication. I was discharged from hospital on a Thursday and attended my rehab assessment with Helen the following Monday morning. Helen read the specialist’s surgery explanation, took note of what movements were to be avoided then recommended post-surgery exercises to be done daily. Helen saw me on alternate days to assess changes in mobility, flexibility, movement and strengthening. If something was painful or a movement couldn’t be done, she recommended alternatives to keep my recovery moving. At all times, Helen kept me positive and encouraged by the treatment.

My family got used to seeing me lying on the floor doing my exercises as I watched TV at night or, during the day, took part in telephone conferences. My colleagues couldn’t see that part, although I’m sure some of them would have enjoyed seeing me!

Regular reviews with Helen kept me ‘on track’. Whilst not always easy or without discomfort, doing my exercises was a small price to pay for a surprisingly speedy recovery.

Due to Helen’s specially-adapted rehabilitation programme and my dedication to the exercises, I was back at work after only 2 weeks and 2 days. My specialist was delighted.

Even today, more than 18 months later, I regularly do the exercises Helen recommended to maintain movement and strength around the knees. I can’t recommend Helen’s post-op rehabilitation service highly enough.”

“Chris was committed and dedicated to his rehabilitation and followed instructions well. Rehab & physiotherapy following surgery is about teamwork. It was clearly explained to Chris what he needed to do, with strict limitations put in place. At Physiotherapy 4 Life we always explain why you need to do certain exercises or avoid certain activities (in the short term) we really feel this information helps with compliance throughout rehabilitation. We were able to move well through the progression of Chris’ exercises and functional rehab as he made excellent progress.” Helen, Director Physiotherapy 4 Life.

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