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Do you suffer from Sciatica? Janet, age 66, would like to share her story:

By Helen Brandreth, Mar 31 2014 08:16AM

Do you suffer from Sciatica?

Janet, age 66, would like to share her story:

When suffering from painful Sciatica, I first visited Physiotherapy 4 Life in November 2013. My suffering had gone on intermittently for years. Eventually, I had great difficulty walking more than 250 metres without experiencing excruciating pain.

As you can imagine, my posture was terrible, I struggled to walk and my confidence was extremely low.

Having booked a 7-week holiday to visit family in Australia in February, I realised that something had to be done. I was desperate to at least be able to walk well and enjoy the wonderful sights.

I found Physiotherapy 4 Life on the internet and used its easy online booking system to arrange a convenient appointment.

At my initial clinical assessment, Helen asked lots of questions to ensure she fully understood every symptom in great detail. The initial programme included Acupuncture, massages and careful manipulation of joints and muscles.

Helen explained that, as I had walked so badly for so long, my muscles had not been used properly for quite some time. Her “hands on” treatments, combined with a specific programme designed to get my muscles moving again began to show results. I was encouraged to keep moving, especially as time was short and my holiday fast approaching.

Each week, Helen worked really hard to improve my flexibility. She introduced new elements to improve my mobility, whilst continuing to reassure me and offer invaluable advice. This included guidance on improving posture and balance. When appropriate, I was taught how to do some Pilates and Yoga exercises that I could do at home. I felt confident to do these outside the clinic because Helen guided me through them in detail. I did the exercises every day, without fail, for the whole period of my treatment.

In January 2014, after just 8 consultations in a period of only 15 weeks, the results were beyond my expectations.

Amazingly, I now have no Sciatica. The results were fantastic. My confidence is high and I feel great. I’m “back to normal” having thought this would never be possible and am now excitedly looking forward to my holiday.

Helen’s advice and patience were incredible. The programme she devised had a life-changing impact on me in a short space of time and I shall continue to do my exercises to maintain my current pain-free, confident state. I may even book a massage periodically to keep my muscles mobile!

I would recommend Helen to everyone, especially if you suffer from Sciatica. She’s given me an active life back and I’m keen to get on with it. THANK YOU, HELEN!

Helen said, "It has been a pleasure to work with Janet to get her back to living her life. Janet has worked hard at home completing her home exercise programme but it really shows what a difference it makes working together in this way. I am confident Janet will now have a happy and healthy future to look forward to and a fantastic trip! Enjoy!".

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