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Our physiotherapists aren’t making any resolutions this New Year – are you?

By Helen Brandreth, Dec 18 2013 09:25AM

Around 7 million people will make resolutions again after the festive season but – be warned - years of research prove that the most of them will be broken by the end of January!

Rather than make “dramatic” New Year’s resolutions, I suggest you consider making lifestyle changes. What does this mean? It’s simple. Consult a physiotherapist who, after an initial assessment of your current fitness and muscle movement ranges, can recommend medically approved changes to your current fitness regime or daily routine. Long-term, this will help to make you healthier, fitter and happier.

For example, many people declare they want to lose weight and get fit but neglect to follow the advice to consult an expert before beginning a new exercise programme. Expert advice doesn’t just mean your doctor or a trainer at the gym, as you could consult a physiotherapist before you begin any new exercises.

All too often, enthusiastic athletes injure themselves by pulling muscles or over-stretching, rather than building up fitness levels slowly and safely. They visit us to recover from injury, but why not consult a physiotherapist before injury occurs? We provide initial assessments and recommend ongoing fitness and/or stretching exercises.

What could be a more enjoyable and encouraging way to stick to your fitness routine than rewarding yourself with a physiotherapy massage to help your tired and aching muscles? Why do you think so many professional athletes have regular massages? Not just because they enjoy them (as it’s often uncomfortable) but they’re good for health, fitness and post-exercise recovery.

Physiotherapy 4 Life prides itself on helping people return to their healthy lives after serious illness or surgery, in addition to those wishing to maintain their existing active lifestyles. We regularly offer ongoing advice on including fitness into daily routines, building up strength and stamina with proven techniques.

How do we do it? After an initial consultation, we advise clients on how to start some form of safe exercise or build upon their existing fitness levels. Tips may include straightforward ideas, like walking with family and friends – which also “ticks” the save money and spend more time with the family resolutions!

If it’s inspiration you seek, consider these free fitness tips:

- Get off the train/tram/bus one stop earlier and walk to your destination.

- Do some stretches as you wait for the kettle to boil (at work or home).

- Boost your fitness with fun – learn something new like dancing or swimming, bop to the radio as you do the housework or come along to our specialist physio Pilates classes.

- Regardless of work deadlines, make sure you get up and walk around once and hour to stretch those muscles and relax your eyes.

- Always keep a healthy snack (fruit or nuts) nearby.

- One ‘naughty’ treat (chocolate or biscuits) isn’t the end of the world and everyone deserves a treat sometimes.

Finally – if in doubt, consult a physiotherapist! We’ll be happy to assess your current level of fitness, offer advice and encouragement about exercise and massage your tired muscles.

Everyone at Physiotherapy 4 Life wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy, healthy 2014.

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