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Workout at Work Day – 6 June 2014

By Helen Brandreth, Jun 4 2014 07:31PM

Physiotherapists often wonder how many people workout at work. By this, I don’t mean running laps around the office as though you were training for a fun run or marathon. Nor does it mean jumping around to music in front of the boss, no matter how much they might enjoy it!

Working out at work can include a variety of tasks that are aimed to get you up and moving. For example, delivering documents to a colleague rather than sending them via the internal mail will get you out of your chair. Another suggestion is to simply use the stairs instead of the lift whenever possible. An obvious idea, and one that’s often overlooked, is to offer to make your colleagues a cup of tea or coffee. Whilst you do your “good deed” (and improve your popularity), you’ll be able to stand up (or quietly stretch) in the kitchen while the kettle boils.

In an attempt to “keep everyone moving”, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) is encouraging physiotherapists to host a variety of events on 6 June 2014, as part of its “Workout at Work” initiative. Rachel Newton, CSP public affairs and policy officer, said: “Many members who are organising events are using the occasion to invite a local health decision-maker to take part, which will help raise the profile of physiotherapy”.

So far, more than 100 events have been registered. Activities include brisk lunchtime walks, Pilates, circuit training, Zumba and desk-based stretch sessions. One Healthcare Trust is even planning a ‘retro sports day’ and outdoor picnic, in order to promote the importance of taking a lunch break and moving away from your workstation.

On a serious note, the whole point of the “Workout at Work” day is to promote the importance of taking a daily break at lunchtime. Even better if it includes a quick walk around the block, outside in the fresh air. Whilst your boss may be a little reluctant, you can reassure him/her that it will leave you fresher and more motivated in the afternoon. Surely, that’s music to their ears?

Helen says, “Physiotherapy 4 Life would like to offer you an opportunity to invite us to your workplace on 6 June. We’ll willingly lead a Pilates session or show everyone some medically approved desk-based stretching exercises. We’re happy to advise on any other ideas too – although, if you decide to host a lunchtime egg and spoon race, don’t expect us to offer to boil the eggs!”

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