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Physio Pilates

Pilates focuses on 8 basic prinicples of general care:

- Concentration

- Breathing

- Centering

- Control

- Precision

- Flowing Movements

- Integrated Isolation

- Routine


Helen is trained by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). APPI’s specialised, research-based training courses have been developed for trained physiotherapists.  The programme was created ten years ago to rehabilitate people with lower back pain and injury, but the main focus of APPI is improving spinal mobility and core/lower limb flexibility.  The method is practical, effective and useful for everyone, not just lower back pain sufferers or people with other medical problems. All exercises will improve spinal mobility, trunk flexibility, work lower limb muscle groups, increase body awareness and improve postural awareness. Most APPI instructors are trained Physiotherapists with a medical understanding of the body, who are able to identify each client’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

For more information or to book please email Helen.

Payment for the term to be made at the start of the first class by cash or card.


We offer 1to1  or 1to2 Physio Pilates Classes at our Sale Clinic, these are £60 for 1 hour.

2 people £80per hour.

Home visits are subject to additional £10 within a 10mile radius.


To book email, [email protected]


Current Classes availables:

Dates & Price (eg: One term of 6 classes costs only £60):

  • Tuesday 6pm-7pm, Thursday 10.30-11.30am &Sunday  7pm-8pm


Please email for up to date term dates.


Prior tostarting a class, please click on the health questionnaire below, download, complete and return to me at [email protected]





What class members say......


- I've never felt as though I've improved much with Pilates classes before but think you've progressed us at just the right pace - I really feel like I've worked hard during class but leave feeling energised (not a sensation usually associated with a sunday evening!). The size of the class is perfect to allow individual support and to not worry about asking for help or feedback.

Looking forward to the next term.


In 2012, I suffered a slipped disc following a back tackle during a rugby match. I needed spinal surgery, which was followed by several months of rehabilitation.  The Pilates classes have helped me get back to my pre-injury state, in terms of mobility and strength.  Pilates has motivated me to work on my core stability and my lower back mobility.  All this means that the weekly back pain I’ve experienced for years has been reduced to an occasional ache, e.g. after a long day of driving.