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Don't take our word for it, this is what some of Helen's clients say...........


In my opinion, Helen is a fantastic Pilates trainer, who combines professionalism and friendliness to make the classes challenging and enjoyable. She takes time to get to know each member of the class and this insight enables her to tailor the classes to suit the group. Helen provides advice to individuals, such as those who may have specific injuries/pain, so that each attendee gets the most out of the classes.


The classes are fun and varied, where the level of difficulty of each exercise is adjusted to suit the individual.  There are between 8-12 people in the class I attend. This allows a social element, without having too many attendees. Helen walks around the class and helps individuals whenever needed. It’s also really motivating to watch others improve as the weeks go on.


I really like the fact that the Pilates classes are mixed, in terms of gender and age. Whilst the classes are mainly female, several men do attend and don’t feel out of place. The age range is from under 18s to 60 years plus. Attendees include people who are into sports like running, rugby and dancing, but also include those who simply wish to be more active.


I was amazed to discover that Pilates suits everybody.  It’s great to be involved in a class where everyone works at a similar level, regardless of gender, age and background. I’d highly recommend the classes – either to support specific injury problems or for general fitness purposes.




"I’ve known Helen for a number of years through Trafford MV RFCC where she regularly helps to put our players back together. It was without hesitation that I asked for her support in 2009 when I was going through rehabilitation following a near-fatal road accident. We have worked together over the last 2 years, initially targeting the high pain areas and restoring my balance, before fine tuning with work on the areas that were taking a long time to heal. It is fair to say that Helen took time to understand the different ways of working with a stubborn rugby player who refused to admit he was injured, so beyond the technical side of physiotherapy, there is the emotional side that’s been a real help. In short, I would quite happily recommend Helen and her team to anyone seeking to repair or improve the way they move." John Edwards


"Helen and the Physiotherapy 4 life team have been amazing, and have helped me so much with my movement. The service is friendly, professional and reliable and I would without a doubt recommend them to anyone wishing to improve either specific or general movement. The sessions are incredibly worthwhile, and I really value and enjoy them." Miss K


“Helen did an excellent job sorting out my knee. The sessions were informative and very effective and the exercises I was given to do clearly targeted the problem and were easy to factor in to my day to day routine. Helen was always friendly, approachable and full of valuable advice. Thanks to her work I’m now running and biking again to my hearts content!” Miss H


Anne, Cheshire (age 53);


"First-rate physiotherapy treatments and care of my ongoing neck/shoulder problems. The physio rooms are well equipped for treatments that include ultrasound, acupuncture and deep-tissue massages to free up the muscles.


Excellent, easy-to-follow self-managed programmes to maintain mobility.


When I was knocked off my bike and needed back/lower leg treatments, P4L physiotherapists sorted me out then too.


I'd highly recommend their professional and flexible treatments to anyone."




Chris H, Sale (age 52);


"Excellent rehabilitation and physiotherapy aftercare following a double knee-operation. I was mobile much quicker than expected.


Essential part of triangle - surgeon, patient, physiotherapist.


Long-term care and follow-up services are excellent.


Highly recommended, professional physio clinic, services, advice and care."




James, age 19;


"As a rugby player, I've received injuries to my neck/shoulder/back/leg.


The physiotherapists at P4L provided treatments and home-based programmes to ensure I returned to fitness as quickly as possible.


It's great to have friendly, flexible and effective services locally.


The sports massages are excellent too!


I recommend the team of physiotherapists at P4L to anyone with a sports-related injury or problem."